Program Overview

Travel Team is for players who are serious about playing field hockey at a very competitive level and who may have the desire to play as a college athlete. They are able and willing to organize their schedules to make multiple practices during the winter, spring and summer. In the winter they train 1-2 days per week. In the spring they train two days per week on filled turf for the outdoor game. And in the summer they train one day per week outdoor on filled turf. In addition to training they are expected to attend all the scheduled tournaments. Players who participate in indoor travel will see 1-2 additional practices per week.

Outdoor Travel- The Windy City Winter Select Program is the entry to the U14, U16 and U19 Travel Teams. Players already on Travel should sign up for Winter Travel and are reevaluated during that program. Players who wish to tryout for Travel should sign up for Winter Select. All players will be watched and evaluated by the coaching staff at every session. The Travel Teams will be announced in March during the week following the conclusion of the winter sessions.

Indoor Travel -teams named at the conclusion of the August indoor tryouts. Indoor Tryouts is open to all but we recommend indoor for those who have field hockey playing experience.

Outdoor Travel

2022-2023 (March to March commitment):

U19 Team - Fire
U16 Teams - Flame & Inferno
U14 Teams - Spark & Blaze & Force
U12 Teams- Blast, Heat, Flare
U10 Team- Strikers

*teams named based on numbers interested

Indoor Travel

2023 Teams

U19 Teams- Freeze, Ice and Storm
U16 Teams- Blizzard, Frost and Icebreakers
U14 Teams- Whiteout, Flurry, Vortex
U12 Teams- Blast, Avalanche
U10 Team- Polar Bears

Indoor Travel Team Tryouts are held each August (Sunday).